Gentle skin care for all age groups – that’s our strength!

We have been specialising in developing and producing high-quality care products for sensitive skin of all ages for more than 60 years. With many years’ experience under our belts, our specialist knowledge of every stage of the supply chain in our four areas of expertise is second to none:


Baby and child care

We always use high-quality, carefully tested ingredients in our cleansing and care products for sensitive baby and children’s skin. All products are free from mineral oils, PEG, silicones and animal extracts. We are proud of the fact that more than 30 of our baby care products have been awarded the highest Ökotest rating (‘Very Good’).


Care cosmetics for allergy-prone, sensitive skin

Allergy-prone skin calls for very mild care products. So all our products in this special target group are also completely free from fragrances, colourants and preservatives. We tap into our many years of experience and expertise to develop top-quality products in this sector. We work very closely with our raw material suppliers and constantly find new ways of developing cosmetic products for sensitive skin and improving existing ones.


Anti-aging facial and body care for sensitive, delicate skin

Free radicals caused by environmental influences impact on the skin’s natural metabolism mechanism. Our anti-aging products are designed specifically for sensitive, delicate skin. Their gentle ingredients firm and tighten the skin, counteracting early signs of ageing.


Facial and body care for mature skin

As we get older, the skin loses moisture and fat content and becomes drier, thinner and more sensitive. Our skincare products for mature consumers are designed specifically for the needs of very sensitive, dry, mature skin. Their harmless natural ingredients re-moisturise the skin and stabilise its protective functions.