Doing our bit for a sustainable future

Sustainability is a theme that is very dear to our hearts at GEWO. As a company we recognise our responsibility towards our customers, our employees and the environment so we are committed to playing our part in ensuring a sustainable future. We are constantly improving and expanding our sustainability measures. To enable us to pursue this objective consistently, the theme of sustainability is a permanent feature of our corporate objectives.

Our sustainability measures are comprehensive and fully traceable. Here are some examples:

Forward-looking energy concept

  • All the electricity we use is green – we are happy to absorb the slight extra cost.
  • Our technical systems are equipped with heat recovery facilities. We use the heat we recover from them to heat our warehouse.


Environmentally sound logistics system

  • We source as many products as we can regionally, particularly for packaging. Packaging products are usually very large-volume and are expensive to transport. By sourcing regionally we can keep transportation to a minimum.
  • Our goods are shipped to our distribution centre by a certified service provider that uses state-of-the-art logistics and distribution technology and has a modern lorry fleet.


Carefully selected partners

  • We always give priority to regional suppliers. This enables us to avoid excessive road or air miles and helps protect the environment.
  • Our suppliers are ISO certified and operate a reliable environmental management system. These are key criteria which we look out for when selecting a supplier.


Use of low environmental impact materials

  • When selecting materials to use, we always take their ecological credentials into account. In addition, we only use completely safe ingredients.
  • All our suppliers use water-based printing inks, and most use low-migration inks.


Diversity and equal opportunities

  • The GEWO production and administration teams come from many different countries. We have people from countries including Germany, Italy, Russia, Tunisia and France.
  • Women and men are employed on entirely equal terms. There are no gender-specific pay differences. Fifty percent of the GEWO management team are women.