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What’s new at GEWO

2016 ·
  • The GEWO was successfully certified by the TÜV Austria North according to the IFS HPC (Household and Personal Care) in July 2016.

    This norm had been worked out in co-operation with the HPC industry, the commerce and the certification centres whereby all important requirements of the industry had been summarized in this standard.

    The aim of the IFS HPC certificate is that manufacturers of body care products offer safe and highly qualified...

  • Chamomile is one of the most popular medicinal plants in Europe. Our grandmothers even used it for all kinds of ailments, and rightly so, because it is a true jack of all trades. And not only that, chamomile was even sacred to the ancient Germanic people: They dedicated the plant to the light god Baldur. The same goes for the Egyptians: Chamomile was the flower of the sun god Re. With a little imagination, you can actually see a sun in the golden...

  • Every cosmetic product has to be microbiologically stable.

    What this means: When a product is opened, microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts or mould can find their way into it via the hand of the user or the surrounding air. Without water, these microorganisms cannot exist. As most cosmetic products contain water, they also have to be preserved in one way or another.

    For this reason, unless they are completely free from water, it is...