Tailor-made, fully traceable production processes

Our many years of experience and our great flexibility in terms of formulations and batch sizes make us the perfect partner for bulk production of cosmetic products. Every one of us at GEWO works to the strictest quality and manufacturing standards, ensuring consistent product quality every time.

For our customers we produce tenside- and oil-based products as well as emulsions and creams to our own or the customer’s recipes. Our batch sizes for tenside and oil-based products range between two and ten tonnes, and between 300 kg and 1200 kg for emulsions and creams. For larger orders we can produce several batches in succession.


Our batch sizes at a glance:


Throughout the manufacturing process we document every single step, ensuring full traceability of the raw materials in every batch every time. All raw materials we use are of the highest quality and are supplied by carefully selected partners with an excellent reputation. Our suppliers supply a wide range of raw materials so that we are able to meet just about every customer request.

You can also provide your own raw materials and formulations for us to mix according to your instructions, and we will provide the necessary documentation.