We deliver top quality with no compromises

Good Manufacturing Practice is standard in the cosmetics industry – and it has been a key part of how we work for the past 60 years. That’s why our products consistently win high ratings from the major German consumer testing institutions. And that’s how we have been able to achieve and retain our no. 3 position in the German baby care market.

To ensure that we can meet our quality commitment to our customers on an ongoing basis, we have put a clearly structured, compulsory quality management system in place throughout the company. Examples of some of our QM measures are:

  • Ongoing quality inspections on incoming goods, throughout the entire production process and before the goods leave our factory.
  • Microbiological and chemical/physical analyses of raw materials and bulk and finished products. Microbiological tests are performed by an external accredited institute.
  • Seamless documentation for all stages in the production process.
  • Complete traceability of every batch of every product, raw material and item of packaging.
  • All returns recorded in an IT-based returns management system.
  • Regular hygiene training and inspections to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations.
  • Suppliers audited to ensure consistent quality of raw materials and packaging materials.

We are ISO 9001 certified. As part of this certification, and to ensure that we constantly improve our quality level, we organise regular external, internal and customer audits.

Our products are produced at our premises in Baden-Baden in line with GMP and the very latest standards. So we are able to offer our customers the very best quality – Made in Germany.